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ERC International is a small business enterprise that evolved from Export- Rigging- Crating, Inc., incorporated in the state of Maryland in 1985. The corporation was founded with the idea to provide unusual service and to be of significant value to companies that have been awarded international projects.

With years of experience the ERC Team has developed exceptional expertise to navigate the complex and intricate regulations of shipping goods internationally. Our staff has worked in the international logistics management functions with private manufacturing companies, ocean carriers, customs brokers/freight forwards, aircraft charting operators, and with certified hazmat packing companies. Members of our team have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and the Sub-Continent, establishing alliances with preferred, hand-selected international logistics management companies.

The uplift and delivery time of our clients' material scheduled for overseas projects is of extreme importance, particularly when dealing with construction schedules with fixed completion dates. The company is committed to providing delivery timeline assurances which is the key to a successful project.

Our network allows us to streamline logistics solutions, select the best combination of shipping modes needed for each specialized project. Our team's vast experience gives us the strength and dynamics to successfully complete our mission.